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Food in Film

Food in Film

Carl Robertson's Guide to Food in Film 

brought to life with illustrations by Burton Durand

Hello Runaway Dish readers! When I was asked to pick five films with the best food dishes I didn’t realize how hard it would be. There’s just so many films containing mouth-watering dishes. Hopefully my picks will not only wet your appetite but will cause all of you to seek out the films mentioned below. Bon appétit! - CR 

(originally published in Runaway Dish vol. 3)



Dish: spaghetti & meatballs 

Nothing fancy about this dish at all. Spaghetti and Meatballs is clearly something everyone sampled and this film makes this dish special. Special thanks to “the mob” for making viewers remember how great a simple dish of spaghetti and meatballs actually is. 







Dish: egg sushi 

Visiting Tokyo? Have some disposable income? Egg sushi is a wonder to behold and work required to make this dish makes every bite of this dish something to savor. One of my favorite scenes of this wonderful documentary is seeing sushi chefs’ work and time needed to make this dish terrific. 







Dish: rabbit 

One of my favorite thrillers ever and there’s a platter of rabbit in almost every scene! I’m sure most Louisiana residents have sampled rabbit in some form. The amount of great recipes for rabbit is making my mouth water just typing this statement. 







Dish: cannoli

Want an offer you can’t refuse? The cannoli is the rare pastry that cannot be passed up. One of the best scenes involving the cannoli is a mobster murdering someone and immediately saying “Grab the cannoli!” to his nearest henchmen. Don’t refuse the chance to sample any cannoli.  





BIG NIGHT (1996) 

Dish: Timballo 

What seems like a giant alien ship actually resembles a cake filled with rice, potatoes and pasta. This dish is the centerpiece of the film where two chefs spend all of their money preparing timballo hoping to impress jazz singer Louis Prima. A fantastic movie that makes this wonderful dish something to savor.
Crawfish Inspired Poetry

Crawfish Inspired Poetry

chef interview: Manny Augello

chef interview: Manny Augello