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Mary's "Simple" Kimchi For You

Mary's "Simple" Kimchi For You


Many of you already know Mary Patout, for those who don't I hope one day you find yourself in the presence of this amazing woman. This recipe post has been a long time in the making. For years now Mary has been a friend and reference for the chefs of Acadiana, teaching them to ferment, season, and noodle in her special way. Through this occasional column we hope to build a digital reference point for her way of cooking. 


On a Runaway note this is our first post in a very long time. Runaway has been on a bit of a hiatus since last summer's Stir Series at the ACA. We can't promise that this will be a regular occurrence but we'll try to get back in the swing of things. Keep following us on Instagram and Facebook for info on upcoming events and new posts. Without further ado what you came for....




5-6 lb Napa cabbage

5-6 carrots

1 medium daikon 

1 bunch green onion

1 bunch garlic chive

1 head garlic

1 English Cucumber 

1 onion

1 thumb size ginger root 

3/4 cup Korean chili powder

1/4 cup fish sauce

1 tbsp oyster sauce

2 tbsp salted shrimp

2 tbsp kosher salt

1 pack kombu (dried kelp) for covering the kimchi


-Wilt The Cabbage- 

Clean, trim outer leaves, cut into fourths long ways, remove core, cut cross-wise every two inches. In a large bowl sprinkle with all the salt. Toss repeatedly over the next two hours. Taste for desired saltiness after two hours. 

- Prep the Veg -

Trim, de-seed, and peel (unless the skin is tender and pretty) all the vegetables. Smash and chop the garlic. Cut the rest into matchstick size pieces or 1/4" slices, mix together in another big bowl.


- Mix Seasoning - 

In a stainless steel bowl mix chili powder, oyster sauce, fish sauce, salted shrimp, and kosher salt into a paste. Mix the salted cabbage and its liquid, the veg, and paste together. Use your hands for this part. (Be sure not to scratch before washing your hands.) 

- Pack it Up -

Transfer the mixture to a gallon size glass container or crock. Pack tightly and cover with kombu (dried kelp) and the lid. Remove the kombu after 24 hours when the mixture is completely submerged in liquid.

- The Waiting Game -

Leave the kimchi covered by the lid on the counter for five to seven days. Every morning gently push a pair of tongs or stainless steel spoon to the bottom of the container, lift and repeat once or twice to release excess ferment gas. Seeing bubbles is good, as it shows all is as it should be. After desired fermentation and funk is achieved, portion into jars and store in the refrigerator for up to FOREVER, but it probably won't last that long because you're going to eat it all in probably 3 days. The longer it stays in the fridge the less crunchy it will become. After the crunch is gone you'll want to use it for your ramen and start your next batch. 


Recipe by Mary Patout @marymarysanctuary

Photos by Denny Culbert @dennyculbert


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