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Runaway Dish Presents: Caijin

Runaway Dish Presents: Caijin

As Tsunami Sushi rolls out its fourth location and Freetown’s Acadian Superette gets a new chef and owner, we thought it would be the perfect time to showcase one of our favorite Runaway Dish dinners. In 2015, Chef Jerrod “Wu” Adams of Tsunami Sushi and Chef Toby Rodriguez of Lache Pas Boucherie (and just recently Acadian Superette) prepared a seven-course, family-style, Cajun-meets-Asian meal. It was the ultimate yin-yang experience . . . a bare bones old-feed-store-turned-dancehall, kimchi cabbage rolls, seafood gumbo ramen, patterned china, Kendrick Lamar on the radio, borderline racy artwork, white tablecloths, and two chefs with completely different cooking backgrounds.  And as we’ve learned in the four years of Runaway Dish’s existence (both intentionally and unintentionally), opposites create the best dining experiences.

Poster and Menu


Date: April 2015

Location: Feed & Seed

Chefs: Jerrod Wu Adams (Tsunami Sushi) and Toby Rodriguez (Acadian Superette, Lache Pas Boucherie)

Artwork: Truston Aillet

Music: Andre Broussard

Benefitting Camp Bon Coeur

Runaway Boucherie Year Two 2015

Runaway Boucherie Year Two 2015